CryptoShibe Gold - Chia Asset Token

CryptoShibe is an early entrant into the Chia ecosystem of asset tokens. Crypto Shibe Gold is our foundational token with a circulating supply of one billion tokens.

CryptoShibe employs the latest smart contract programming technology available on the Chia network known as Chialisp. This allows for complex functionality to be coded into the blockchain allowing for token holders unique opportunities to earn additional tokens.

CryptoShibe Hodl

CryptoShibe HODL Rewards Program

The HODL program makes use of Chialisp wherein users can send coins to special smart contracts for designated periods of time. If the coins stay for the full duration a reward payout along with the original coin is sent back to the specified address. Should you wish to cancel the contract and retrieve your coins it can be done without loss except for the reward.

The CryptoShibe team has designated that 200 million tokens be allocated to this program and will be available until all have been distributed. This program will be  launched in early 2022.

Exact details of the rewards will become available when the program launches.

CryptoShibe Iceberg Program

The Iceberg is a unique program where tokens will be permanently taken out of circulation as the Crypto Shibe ice monument slowly grows. For each token earned by HODL an equivalent amount of tokens are added to the iceberg until it reaches a maximum amount of 200 million tokens. These tokens are irretrievable and represent a community project to decrease the circulating supply! Will you contribute by trying to HODL?

CryptoShibe Development Fund

To the developers and contributors to the Crypto Shibe community and infrastructure we’ve allocated 100 million tokens. Projects will be listed with a bounty and candidates selected by the development team. Via the community DAO, token holders can decide if they’ve achieved the goal and pay out the remaining 50%. Look for an opportunity to join the DAO in 2022.


Animal Welfare Fund

We love dogs and we want to ensure that stray dogs in Costa Rica are helped! We’ve designated 100 million tokens to ensure that these dogs in need get some much needed help.

Add CryptoShibe Gold to your Chia Light Wallet Beta

CryptoShibe Gold

CryptoShibe Gold (CSH) has a supply of 1 Billion tokens. Copy the TAIL and add it to your Chia Light Wallet Beta


TAIL: a2cadb541cb01c67c3bcddc73ecf33c8ffa37b0d013688904b2747cede020477
CryptoShibe Platinum (CSHP)

CryptoShibe Platinum

CryptoShibe Platinum (CSHP) has a much smaller supply than CryptoShibe Gold. Only 100 million tokens were minted. Look for opportunities to obtain CryptoShibe Platinum (CSHP) in 2022.


TAIL: f7245be4cc6c44e146bfe18c5fb34d70b8e048b1da2916a88e48deb7f6c05efe